Back In Session

The Gifford Children’s Choir under the direction of Jack Senzig and Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. is back in session for 2014-15.   The choir is full of very talented children.  Select members will be participating in making solo recordings of their favorite songs.  The best recording artists will be invited to participate in the Gifford Vocal Talent Blast to be held this spring.  We will hire a professional rock band to accompany our little rock stars on stage for a public concert.

Parents of GCC members should check the choir’s school website for updates

We encourage GCC members and others to consider joining other Racine choirs.

Auditions for Children’s Choir of teh Internet are open to all Southeastern Wisconsin children in 3rd-6th grade.  Auditions are October 2, 6PM at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio Street in Racine.  Teh Choir is directed by Mr. Senzig and Mr. Griffin. see

Concert Choir is for children in grades 6-8.  Auditions are also on October 2, 6PM at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio Street in Racine.  Concert Choir is directed by Mr. Griffin.

Gifford Elementary Choir Invitational Racine, WI

Join four Gifford Elementary School Choirs and a Guest choir on Saturday May 24, 2014 at 2 PM for a fine concert of young voices! The FREE concert will be in the Gifford Auditorium 8332 Northwestern Ave, Racine, WI.

Gifford Children’s Choir, Accent Choir, Caiman Chorus and Cadence choir will perform along with Children’s Choir of Teh Internet. The combined Festival choir will perform two world premieres at the concert. “The Leprechaun” was commissioned from Wallace De Pue of Bowling Green, OH. and “I Feel Cool” was commissioned from Brian Holmes of San Jose California. Gifford choir members contributed to the text of the latter piece. Other repertoire will include South African Freedom Songs in honor of Nelson Mandela, Let Her Go (Passenger), Kaze No Ne from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The 6 Days of Minecraft and All of Me (Legend).

The Gifford Choirs are directed by Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. and Jack Senzig. More info about the Children’s Choir of teh Internet can be found at

Local Choir Sings Tribute to Doctor Who

Children’s Choir of teh Internet recently performed The Long Song from the Rings of Akhaten episode of Doctor Who in tribute to their love of Matt Smith as the Doctor. Geeky joy ensues!!

Local Choir Nails it with Truancy Song Parody

SCJohnson Elementary in Racine WI just produced a fantastic video parody of When You Are Gone. Watch all the way to the end to see the touching dedication as well as the great job the kids and staff did!

Thriiler Dance for Halloween

Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. directs Accent and Cadence Choirs at Gifford. He posted this video of his choirs dancing to Thriller dressed in full zombie make-up. Hope it makes you smile.

SA Choir Festival SE Wisconsin

The Gifford Elementary Music Staff is considering hosting an SA choral festival focused on choirs for elementary aged singers. The festival will be in May or early June 2014. We will have a parade of choirs, each singing 1 or 2 pieces on their own and two combined festival works.

Composers Wallace DePue, and Brian Holmes have been commissioned to write original works for the festival to be performed by all who attend.

We are looking for directors who are interested to help us tailor the festival to the broader community. We are most interested in school and community choirs that perform regularly in 2 or more parts and use live accompaniment. Accent Choir directed by Mr. Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. and The Gifford Children’s Choir directed by Mr. Jack Senzig are the host choirs.

Gifford Elementary school has a theater that seats around 450 people and several music rehearsal spaces. Gifford is in Racine, WI. Contact Mr. Senzig at jon.senzig(a) for more info or to share your ideas. You can also comment here.

New Focus for Gifford Children’s Choir

I am back as the director of the Gifford Children’s Choir (GCC) after two years directing AppleChor. I have been struggling to find a niche for GCC as my Children’s Choir of teh Internet has taken on the role of performing video game songs, alternative bands, Internet memes and other geeky stuff. I am leaning toward having the choir cover folk music and a little overlap, some alternative bands. We start again January of 2014. Here is a new Cloud Cult video with them doing all acoustic music. The song Breakfast with my Shadow is very coverable:

Pure Records has also given me permission to cover Kate Rusby’s music. Little Jack Frost may be a possibility.

I requested Heidi Talbot to give us permission for a song from her latest album Start it All Over Again.

Suggestions are welcome.


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