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Thanks Elon Musk from Children’s Choir of teh Internet

Children’s Choir of teh Internet posted a thank-you to Elon Musk and SpaceX today.  Watch and enjoy learning some of the things the kids learned about Mars. We don’t expect he will see it but hope others will look into his vision and recognize the profound change Mr. Musk and SpaceX are bringing to humanity!


Gena’s Birthday Song

In an attempt to show the world that we are more alike than different, the Gifford Children’s choir presents Gena’s Birthday Song.   Gena is a Russian cartoon character in Stop Motion animation that is well known and loved by Russian people everywhere.  Our school mascot is Clifford the Alligator so it seemed like a natural fit. We also used the opportunity to say goodbye to our principal who is moving to two other schools.   The kids are dressed as cowboys because they will soon release a video of them singing “The Hero of Canton” from the series Firefly.

Tribute to Lenard Nemoy From Gifford Orchestra

It takes time to get an elementary school orchestra ready to pay tribute to a great actor who has left us too soon.   Our strings teacher put together one heck of an arrangement complete with a slide show, remote control minion star ship, high school electric quartet and about a hundred little kids playing their hearts out.  Wow.  Just wow.

Our Choir in the Media

I haven’t updated these numbers for a while.  Watching view counts rise on our latest video has me reminiscing. Thanks to Cloud Cult posting us to their Facebook page our cover of Transistor Radio has touched the hearts of many of their fans.  I had posted about wanting to cover this song a long time ago and am happy we finally got to do it.

It still blows me away that our kids have gotten to entertain people all around the world.   We now use MusicElem channel for our new videos.  Joinchoir channel is home to our most popular videos. The numbers are from Joinchoir.

Here is a run down of some of the view counts (updated: 2/19/12):
Total upload views 3,152,345
“Kids Sing Still Alive Portal” 1,615,391 views
“A Christmas Trololo” 758,898 views
“Still Alive Choir Better Video (Honestly)” 300,699 views
“Kids Sing Still Alive Again” 157,181 views
“Still Alive Full View” 156,185 views
“Kids Sing Radiohead No Surprises” 60,540 views
“Kids Sing Acapella Kelis” 19,967 views
“Kids Sing Gaga/Pomplamoose Telephone at UWP” 12,159 views

Videos of the choirs have been viewed in 211 of the 239 countries and regions of the world. There are 69 countries and 50 US states plus the District of Columbia that have watched the kids more than 1,000 times. Over 90% of the views have come from the top 33
countries, each having viewed the kids more than 10,000 times.

#1 USA:  1,493,023
#2  United Kingdom:  200,495
#3 Canada: 186,924
#4 Brazil: 182,932
#5 Germany: 125,250
#6 Spain: 76,198
#7 Australia: 70,769
#8 France: 57,283
#9 Russia: 56,366
#10 Sweden: 46,390
#11 Mexico: 42,682
#12 Poland: 42,260
#13 Netherlands: 39,578
#14 South Korea: 34,078
#15 Italy: 25,446
#16 Japan: 24,884
#17 Norway: 23,780
#18  Finland: 22,912
#19 Denmark: 18,892
#20 Chile: 18,194
#21 Philippines: 18,159
#21 Belgium: 17,631
#22 Argentina: 17,591
#23  Singapore: 16,534
#24 Portugal: 15,315
#25 Hungary: 14,438
#26 Ireland: 14,179
#27 Czech Republic: 13,688
#28 Ukraine: 12,969
#29 Austria: 12,041
#30 New Zealand 11,928
#31 Malaysia 10,524
#32 Lithuania: 10,185
#33 Switzerland: 10,149

Transistor Radio Covered by Gifford Children’s Choir

The Gifford Children’s Choir just covered Cloud Cult’s Transistor Radio.  The choir had the permission of Craig Minowa to perform the piece and to make a minor lyric change.  Minowa was in contact with the choir and shared his perspective on the song:

As for the story, this was written for my grandpa whom I was very close to. He passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack when I was 13 years old. He always gave me the best advice. I’ve felt his presence a lot in my life since then and this song is about one of the best pieces of advice he ever gave me, which is simply that it’s not about where you are going or where you have been, it’s about where you are. Interestingly, The Show Starts Now was the only other Cloud Cult song inspired by that same piece of advice.

Children’s Choir of teh Internet (also directed by Jack Senzig) appeared on Cloud Cult’s song “The Show Start Now” on the album LOVE.

The choir was accompanied by Jeremy Peters of the band Solar Plexus on electric guitar.

Back In Session

The Gifford Children’s Choir under the direction of Jack Senzig and Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. is back in session for 2014-15.   The choir is full of very talented children.  Select members will be participating in making solo recordings of their favorite songs.  The best recording artists will be invited to participate in the Gifford Vocal Talent Blast to be held this spring.  We will hire a professional rock band to accompany our little rock stars on stage for a public concert.

Parents of GCC members should check the choir’s school website for updates http://sites.rusd.org/ac/

We encourage GCC members and others to consider joining other Racine choirs.

Auditions for Children’s Choir of teh Internet are open to all Southeastern Wisconsin children in 3rd-6th grade.  Auditions are October 2, 6PM at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio Street in Racine.  Teh Choir is directed by Mr. Senzig and Mr. Griffin. see http://www.OurMusicalLife.org

Concert Choir is for children in grades 6-8.  Auditions are also on October 2, 6PM at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio Street in Racine.  Concert Choir is directed by Mr. Griffin.

Gifford Elementary Choir Invitational Racine, WI

Join four Gifford Elementary School Choirs and a Guest choir on Saturday May 24, 2014 at 2 PM for a fine concert of young voices! The FREE concert will be in the Gifford Auditorium 8332 Northwestern Ave, Racine, WI.

Gifford Children’s Choir, Accent Choir, Caiman Chorus and Cadence choir will perform along with Children’s Choir of Teh Internet. The combined Festival choir will perform two world premieres at the concert. “The Leprechaun” was commissioned from Wallace De Pue of Bowling Green, OH. and “I Feel Cool” was commissioned from Brian Holmes of San Jose California. Gifford choir members contributed to the text of the latter piece. Other repertoire will include South African Freedom Songs in honor of Nelson Mandela, Let Her Go (Passenger), Kaze No Ne from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The 6 Days of Minecraft and All of Me (Legend).

The Gifford Choirs are directed by Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. and Jack Senzig. More info about the Children’s Choir of teh Internet can be found at http://www.OurMusicalLife.org