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How Did the Campaign Go?

#1 Getting the Thank-You’s Out:

Views of This Site 13,300=Success
Views of the Thank-You Joke 23,400=Success
Views of the New and Improved Still Alive video 34,700=Success
Views of all Video’s Since Sunday May 2, 2010: 200,000+=Amazing Success
Views of the Original Still Alive : 600,000=Epic Success

Articles in our local online and print newspapers: Success
An Article in the Escapist Magazine:= Extreme Success
A Second Article in the Escapist Magazine= Epic Success

Overall: It is nothing less than epic having this many people from all around the world see the kids singing. Viewers and choir you are full of win!!!
#2 Success of the Magic Doorway Kringle Sale:

Number of Orders: 2
The internet Kringle Sale is Terminated.

Epic Fail
Don’t feel bad, see #1 Above

Although I still think selling the iconic symbol of our city, already regularly shipped to the four corners of the Earth, frosting them like Portals and attempting to market them to people that regularly eat munchies in huge amounts is completely brilliant, It is obvious I should keep to artistic decisions!


12 Responses

  1. The_Root_Of_All_Evil from the Escapist here

    Many thanks for the Rick-Rolling 🙂

  2. SubManCow from the Escapist:

    Beautiful RickRoll, got a chuckle out of it.

  3. Those pesky third graders, I can’t stay angry at them for RickRolling me.

    The blue cake looks delicious too!

    -AmrasCalmacil, yet another person from The Escapist.

  4. Nicely done, I’ll award you with +1 internets for each video, and another +1 internets for the Rickroll.

    -AzimuthZeke, from {Guess where}

  5. I checked the bakery link. The cakes are raspberry (blue) and pecan (orange) flavored. Making me hungry.

  6. Hi guys.

    Greetings from The Escapist.

    Excellent Rickroll and great new video!

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Catkid906 of The Escapist here saying thank you. Both me and Calumon wish to thank you for…

    1. The best version of Still Alive sung by someone other than GLaDOS.

    2. The best Rick Roll of all time.

    Calumon: Hiya! I hope we can play sometime! ^^

  8. Every time I see this video is makes me smile. You kids are fantastic!

  9. OHMYGAWD. best little kids ever. also, best whoever gave them this to sing. [be it director, teacher, or other person]
    also: best rick roll ever. I WANNA PORTAL CAKE THINGY. 😦

  10. Epic win!

    Best. Choir. Director. Ever.

  11. This was a triumph
    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

    I think that’s appropriate to describing this.

  12. u are fantastic! i didnt think there are kid sing still alive song.

    u done a very good job keep doing 😀

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