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2010-2011 Season

Thanks for watching the videos of the Gifford Children’s Choir.   The kids have received over 735,000 views on youTube mostly since the upload of our Still Alive video. We have an amazing season planned for our local audience and for our friends like you from almost every country around the world.   I am continuing to seek out other communities on the internet that might enjoy having the kids do homage to the music they hold dear.   Suggestions are always welcome.
Thanks go to those who have helped find sheet music, make suggestions of repertoire and helped teach an old dog some new tricks.   I am especially beholding to Michael Briel, Jenni Balch, Steven (Fountainkeeper on YouTube), and  Alexander Kuznetzov.  I have greatly enjoyed the dialogue on the escapist and Reddit as well as on the MENC and ChoralNet forums.  My apologies for my false steps in learning how this all works and trying to promote the choir too zealously, especially on Know Your Meme.  Sorry guys, I had just learned what a meme was and didn’t realize you were the most quoted authority on memes on the web (and thanks for being such an excellent resource.)
The choir has been invited to events around the world .  We will be starting small with our first overnight tour ever.  Next year, we are looking at  the World Choir Games in Cincinnati in 2012.   We will be trying some new fundraising ideas including selling our covers on iTunes.  It has been a lot of work wading through copyright laws but I think I have it now.   So check back here and on Joinchoir youtube channel later in the year for the entertainments we have planned for you.  We hope you enjoy them!

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