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Unveiled: Our First Project 2010-2011

Press Release:

Trololol Internet Meme Recreation

What does a Racine children’s choir that has received over 750,000 views on YouTube do for an encore?  More of the same, with a twist.

Last year, the Gifford Children’s Choir posted their video of “Still Alive” from the video game Portal to YouTube.  The video went viral and brought international attention to the choir and to Racine, WI.   Since then the choir was asked to audition for a TV show and has been invited to sing all over the world.

Director Jack Senzig has his sites set on a million views.  To get there he is calling all singers age 14 and above to participate in a cover of the internet meme known as “Trololo” or the “Russian Rick Roll”.   Younger singers can join with a parent.   20 instrumentalists and 400 singers are sought to fill the Gifford Auditorium.    Senzig got the idea from reading the comments on the choir’s videos.  “So many people questioned whether the audience understood what our last song was about, that I thought we would have this audience be in on the joke. I want to show the world what a cool place Racine, WI  is to live and this is a great way to do it.”  The event will be professionally filmed.

Here is the video to practice to:

Trololo will be rehearsed and recorded on December 4, 2010  in the Gifford Auditorium.   There will be an instrumental rehearsal on November 30, 7-8:30 PM at Gifford. Help is also being sought to obtain three Zoom H1 digital recorders and to professionally film the event.  If you want to participate leave your contact information as a comment below or email jon.senzig@racine.k12.wi.us


13 Responses

  1. Do you know what time on Dec. 4th? Hailey and I want to do this but she has other commitments that day so I was wondering what time you plan on doing this.

  2. Mr. Senzig,
    I would like to definitely be apart of the “Trololo” sing along! I’m a student at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and me, and some of my fellow choir members, would love to join you and your choir in making youtube history! Please let me know how we can help!

  3. I’m in! 15 years of choir experience. This would be a blast. Please? Please may I?

  4. Hello Mr. Senzig,
    Im Luigi Enriquez. I am a student at Washington Park HS. You came in to talk to the jazz bands about Trololo, and I would be interested in playing for this event. I play viola. Also, if you need more string players, let me know, to see if i can get more people!
    Luigi Enriquez

  5. I plan on showing up, however my buddy’s twenty-first b-day is the night before. I could probably get you around 10 hungover singers if you want.

  6. Hey,
    Do you know how many pit members do you have?

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