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Transistor Radio Covered by Gifford Children’s Choir

The Gifford Children’s Choir just covered Cloud Cult’s Transistor Radio.  The choir had the permission of Craig Minowa to perform the piece and to make a minor lyric change.  Minowa was in contact with the choir and shared his perspective on the song:

As for the story, this was written for my grandpa whom I was very close to. He passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack when I was 13 years old. He always gave me the best advice. I’ve felt his presence a lot in my life since then and this song is about one of the best pieces of advice he ever gave me, which is simply that it’s not about where you are going or where you have been, it’s about where you are. Interestingly, The Show Starts Now was the only other Cloud Cult song inspired by that same piece of advice.

Children’s Choir of teh Internet (also directed by Jack Senzig) appeared on Cloud Cult’s song “The Show Start Now” on the album LOVE.

The choir was accompanied by Jeremy Peters of the band Solar Plexus on electric guitar.


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