Teh Choir Sings Pokemon!

You have to see this! What a long time in coming. Here are the kids on the Pokemon and Team Rocket Songs:

Cloud Cult and teh Choir

The indie rock band Cloud Cult just released their new album LOVE. Children’s Choir of teh Internet, the choir that grew out of the Gifford Children’s Choir performs on the final track “The Show Starts Now.” This is some good stuff!

The album is available on iTunes and the band’s website: http://www.cloudcult.com/love.cfm

Minecraft Choir, Virtual and Real

The Children’s Choir of teh Internet just released their new video 6 Days of Minecraft. Teh Choir’s video combines an in game stage and choir with a real world stage and choir.

Check it out and share it. The single 6 Days of Minecraft is available here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/childrenschoiroftehinter3

6 Days of Minecraft Single is Out!

Check out the work of the Children’s Choir of teh Internet! These kids just released a fan song for the game Minecraft. It is an original song, not someone else’s song with new words. There is an excerpt of the second verse at the download site: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/childrenschoiroftehinter3

You can hear the refrain “Don’t stand at the door when the creepers come, or you’ll wake up in your bed!” by clicking here: http://www.choralnet.org/paint/408506/Six+Days+of+Minecraft+Refrain+Only.mp3


6 Years of Watching the Gifford Children’s Choir

Even though the choir only existed for four and a half years, they have been watched for over 6 years of time on Mr. Senzig’s YouTube channel. A recent YouTube update now gives channel owners a readout of the number of minutes watched. Videos on the Joinchoir YouTube channel have been watched over 3,200,000 minutes, that’s over 6 years of time spent watching these kids.

Mr. Senzig’s new endeavor is the Children’s Choir of teh internet. They are getting ready to release their first epic video, an original song for Minecraft. Check out and subscribe to http://www.youtube/OurMusicalLife and go to OurMusicalLife.org for updates.

The Choir’s New Minecraft Video

The Children’s Choir of teh Internet is finishing up creating a new entertainment for all you Minecraft fans and Cloud Cult disciples.   We decided to use Indiegogo, a crowd sourcing site, to help with the expenses. Please share the link to our project so that this can become a reality.


The song is called the 6 Days of Minecraft and chronicles the experience of playing the game.  

Lyric teaser:

There was coal and iron ore diamonds too 

and Gold in all it’s glory,

But I dug straight down to a lave pool and I lost my inventory!

Would You Like to See This Covered?

Members of the Gifford Children’s Choir and AppleChor will be making recordings for the indie rock band Cloud Cult’s new album this summer (see OurMusicalLife.com). What do you think about the kids covering and making a video of this Cloud Cult song. It is one of my new all time favorites and I think it would add a lot of meaning to have children singing it. If you watch this for the first time, I would truly like your reaction. The choir will also be making a new fan video for Minecraft.

If you love it as much as me, share it. I want everyone to know what an incredible band this is.


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