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Still Alive Videos

On a Mac hold down the control key when you click on the video to watch it on YouTube or simply click, watch and comment here.

New and improved Still Alive Video

Our Original 800,000 viewed video

Still Alive Choir Full View

The Kids Sing Still Alive Yet Again;

The Cake is Not A LIe

The Kids got kringle (A danish pastry in the shape of a portal) and a cake made out of cupcakes.  So in my opinion, the cake is still a lie.

Thanks and Intros

This shows how we introduced the RickRoll video and Still Alive to the college audience at UWParkside.

High Five From Escapist Member

It is Sept 2010 and the kids are still High 5ing this gift from Ymbirt from the escapist.


15 Responses

  1. You just made the cutest videos ever, bravo from the escapist.

  2. These are absolutely brilliant videos, really brightened my day. Kudos to all of you from me and the Escapist.

  3. i give you [rops for the vid, but hounestly,you guys sucked when it came to lyrics. good video though.

  4. props.. sry

  5. Thanks so much for these videos, this is truly awesome. I only wish I could see it live!

  6. This makes me smile every time I hear the kids sing it. 🙂 I have two little boys and the love the video too. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Can I have an mp3 version of this ?

  8. This makes me so happy wish I could participate some how. Anyways love portal love this great job. 🙂

  9. I’m from Racine, and I’m a singer at UW Stevens Point now, but I never sang when I was young. I wish there was a choir like this when I was little. These videos made my day.

  10. think you can round up the ole choir again and do want you gone from portal 2?

  11. i want to be in that school

  12. She is NOT still alive. I tore her to pieces and threw every piece into a fire.

  13. Hi Joinchoir,

    Is there any place I can buy the MP3 of the original recording? Portal was my brother’s favorite game, and this was his favorite rendition of the song. He passed away too soon. He was only 34 and I’d like to play this song during the memorial photo montage.

    Thanks, Amy

  14. This was… totally… AWESOME !! Seriously ! Having the idea of making kids sing this, it’s just… whoa. I’d love to buy the MP3 too… Many thanks for this wonderful moment of awesomness… A fan way back in Switzerland

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