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Would You Like to See This Covered?

Members of the Gifford Children’s Choir and AppleChor will be making recordings for the indie rock band Cloud Cult’s new album this summer (see OurMusicalLife.com). What do you think about the kids covering and making a video of this Cloud Cult song. It is one of my new all time favorites and I think it would add a lot of meaning to have children singing it. If you watch this for the first time, I would truly like your reaction. The choir will also be making a new fan video for Minecraft.

If you love it as much as me, share it. I want everyone to know what an incredible band this is.


Children’s Choir of teh Internet to Sing on Cloud Cult Album

Any kids want to sing on a rock band’s new album?  Former director of the Gifford Children’s Choir  Jack Senzig’s new elementary school choir is AppleChor.  AppleChor recently covered Cloud Cult’s Chemicals Collide on a concert of water related songs.  The audience generated the sounds of a rain storm as an intro.  Cloud Cult’s band leader enjoyed the performance and asked Senzig to organize a choir to record some music for their new album.  The choir will also be making a video for a new song for  Minecraft.  Contact Mr. Senzig at ourmusicallife@ymail.com or visit ourmusicallife.com for more info.

Enjoy the video.  The song starts at 1:23