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Minecraft Choir, Virtual and Real

The Children’s Choir of teh Internet just released their new video 6 Days of Minecraft. Teh Choir’s video combines an in game stage and choir with a real world stage and choir.

Check it out and share it. The single 6 Days of Minecraft is available here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/childrenschoiroftehinter3


Children’s Choir of teh Internet to Sing on Cloud Cult Album

Any kids want to sing on a rock band’s new album?  Former director of the Gifford Children’s Choir  Jack Senzig’s new elementary school choir is AppleChor.  AppleChor recently covered Cloud Cult’s Chemicals Collide on a concert of water related songs.  The audience generated the sounds of a rain storm as an intro.  Cloud Cult’s band leader enjoyed the performance and asked Senzig to organize a choir to record some music for their new album.  The choir will also be making a video for a new song for  Minecraft.  Contact Mr. Senzig at ourmusicallife@ymail.com or visit ourmusicallife.com for more info.

Enjoy the video.  The song starts at 1:23