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I have some fun to sing and hopefully fun to watch things planned for 2010-2011.  My goal as a choir director is to build community through music.  My focus is local, but I hope that what we do here will be enjoyed by people around the world.  In reading the comments about our other videos I was struck how people seemed to feel they were sharing a special experience with each other by posting “This was a Triumph” and taking turns listing the lyrics.   I have planned two more pieces from the video game realm and another dying meme.  The nature of planning and preparation makes our response time to what is new and hot on the web relatively slow.  In one of the pieces I am hoping to bring in around 400 members of the Racine/Kenosha community to participate in the making of the video.   Sorry to be cryptic and not just tell you what we are doing but I don’t want someone to steal our thunder.

The choir will also be performing contemporary classical music as required by the festival we choose to travel to.   I am planning on doing Aglepta by Arne Mellnas as well as a piece in commemoration of 9/11.  The later I am in the process of composing and is a response to deep feelings I have from that experience.   My fear is that  doing the video game songs and memes will cause viewers to think the 9/11 piece is just for show.  That is not the case.  When the concept came together in my head I broke down in tears for the emotions it stirred in me.  It is my hope to express that through the choir and allow others to touch that well of humanity that dwells in all of us.

Thanks for viewing our site and videos, and remember to Join Choir!

Jack Senzig

Gifford Children’s Choir Director


9 Responses

  1. Dear Jack,

    Your choir is cute! We are really interested to invite15-20 of them to Hong Kong to do a performance for us during Christmas. We of course will handle all the airfare and accomadation cost. Should you interest, please contact me at kitkit209@hotmail.com.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,,

  2. Yes it is! JK… my cake is a lie. but yours is too because it wasnt chocolate

  3. Please do Nyan Cat!

  4. You guys should do want you gone from portal 2, and the nyan cat song ^-^

  5. I suggest Rick Rolling the audience. I think if anyone could pull it off, it would be these kiddos!

  6. i think you should do:
    want you gone – portal 2

  7. do want you gone from portal 2

  8. and nyan cat!

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